duminică, 31 iulie 2011

Muzeul Benzii Desenate

photo of a comic with mickey mouse and minnie showing her mini skirt by walt disney taken at mnac muzeul national de arta contemporana
Minnie nu renunta la mini! Btw, stiati ca in buletin pe Minni o cheama Minerva Mouse? :P

photo of a comic book called cow boy dog a western like story with guns and horses in the wild west
Cowboy Dog, un comic book de la inceputul anilor '90. Am si eu revista, dar e ratacita pe undeva. La 5 sau 6 ani cat aveam cand am primit-o n-am stiut ca poate deveni "de colectie"...

Carusel, Bucuria Copiilor si Mihaela, alte reviste de benzi desenate de care imi amintesc. Sunt si ele pe undeva in acelasi pod cu Cowboy Dog...

BD banda desenata romania anii 1920 cu un copil care isi spala pisica de mai multe ori
Pisica spelata - BD (adica banda desenata) de la noi de prin anii 1920. Tare, nu? :D

comic benzi desenate romania un tip in apartamentul lui se trezeste dimineata ca un monstru si il sperie pe colegul de apartament pentru ca pana sa isi bea cafeaua e de speriat si cei doi au un dialog pe tema asta
Monstrul matinal - in caz ca nu se intelege, dialogul zice asa:
"Da, adevarul e ca nu i-as dori nimanui sa ma intalneasca dimineata, inainte sa-mi fi baut cafeaua..."
"...Mie-mi spui..."

duminică, 17 iulie 2011

The Great Escape

This is an unusual post, but i found Steve McQueen. He's hiding in a lavatory, somewhere in Bucharest. Perhaps he found what he was seeking...or maybe he just found what he needs.

steve mcqueen from the great escape on his motorbike hanging in a picture from a lavatory somewhere in Bucharest hiding with toilet paper

Eddie Izzard tells the tale:

'On the day of the escape,
Steve McQueen has joined up.
The British have trilby hats,
overcoats, canoe, bit of a rabbit.

Steve's just there
in jeans and a T-shirt.
Disguised as an American man.
He romps out, jumps on a motorbike,
knocks a guy off.
Within minutes
he reaches Switzerland.

This is from Poland.
And if you don't know the geography,
it goes Poland, Czechoslovakia,
Holland, Venezuela, Africa, Beirut...
the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
and then Switzerland.

Remember, Jim Rockford
nicks an airplane in that film,
flies to Switzerland
and he gets about miles
away from it in an airplane.
Steve's on a fucking motorbike
and he gets there. Before him.
What's he got
on the fucking motorbike, jet wings?'

Proaspat casatoriti

comic cartoon benzi desenate sot si sotie cuplu batrani proaspat casatoriti el spune ca au toata viata inapoi

they have all their lives behind...good start in life!

duminică, 3 iulie 2011

Busy Like a Bee...

Because i was very busy lately I didn't have time to post.
I could say that I was busy like a bee! :)

Thank you, Ina, for the idea!